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Thanks for visiting my website. Communication with you is a top priority. Below you will find important upcoming dates, links to information, including my Twitter feed, Council meetings video streaming, reports on progress and results as well as my voting record on all significant council decisions. Additionally, there are various ways that you can connect with me. I value your comments and ideas. To effectively represent you, I need to hear from you.

Thanks to Thurlow residents who attended the Ward meeting on October 17. At that meeting,  we reviewed some 2016 results, conducted 2017 Capital pre-budget consultations and finished the evening with a question and answer session.

During the 2016 Budget process, I was pleased that my efforts highlighting the need for a Comprehensive Road Maintenance Program has resulted in the allocation of approximately $2.3 Million dollars in new funding. Specific to Thurlow Ward, there are a number of roads that are scheduled for reconstruction as well as upgraded maintenance and resurfacing. I know that roads have been identified as a significant priority for residents and I am pleased to be delivering these results. These efforts will continue as we commence work on the 2017 Budget.

It is important that we provide services in a fiscally prudent and efficient manner. Following two days of the 2016 Operating Budget meetings, council endorsed my motion to have staff identify 2.5% in operational efficiencies from the base budget. Following our Special Council meeting on March 7, Council reduced the Operating Budget by approximately $1.3 Million dollars, which placed the tax impact below zero percent in Thurlow Ward. In addition to my efforts for fiscal prudence, work continues with the Performance Standards Committee to ensure we are delivering results to city residents.

As we continue with a busy 2016, I want to say once again that it is an honour and privilege to represent you on Belleville City Council. My focus remains steadfast in ensuring the issues important to you remain front and centre at City Hall. After all, it is about your community and your priorities.



Voting Records / Updates


  • I proposed the creation of four separate Casino Revenue Reserve Accounts Infrastructure (85%), Economic Development (5%), Social Programs (5%) and Contingency (5%) Unfortunately this did not receive the support of a majority of council.
  • Pedestrian improvements on Hwy 401 overpasses at Hwy 62 and 37 were cost prohibitive as part of the 2015 Capital Budget. Discussions continue with the Ministry of Transportation.
  • In 2016, the City of Belleville will implement a Comprehensive Road Maintenance Program. Good stewardship of our roads is important for their longevity and is a fiscally prudent necessity to manage this asset. It is my intention to work with council to ensure we have a strategic and sustainable road maintenance program.


  • The Departmental Performance Standards Committee is currently working, in consultation with departments, on the development of performance indicators and results reporting.
  • On the passing of my motion (2014-03-23), staff will continue to work on the enhancement of a Routine Road Maintenance Program to ensure a proper level of service for our road network. Funding was allocated during the 2015 Operating Budget for a Roads Needs Study. This will provide for a complete inventory of every road and its condition.


  • Council passed my motion (May 11, 2015) for the creation of a committee to implement a Departmental Performance Standards Committee.  This will provide clear measurable results related to service delivery.
  • Doubling Property Tax Credit – Low Income Seniors / ODSP Homeowners. I introduced a motion, which passed at Council in a By-Law on April 27, 2015 to have this tax credit increased annually by $50 so that by 2018, this property tax credit will have doubled to $400.
  • An asphalt pathway on Sidney Street has been approved from Bell Blvd to Millennium Parkway. This will address a significant public safety issue in terms of pedestrian and cyclist safety as well as enhance connectivity over Highway 401. (Capital Budget, February 26, 2015).
  • Funding has been allocated for playgrounds in Canniff Mills and Settler’s Ridge subdivsions. This is a significant community enhancement for these neighbourhoods. (Capital Budget, February 26, 2015).
  • Funding has been approved for a number of Thurlow Ward roads to resurfaced and for others to have the initial designs completed for road reconstruction. (Capital Budget, February 26, 2015)
  • Council approved my motion to change the Regular Council Meeting times to 5pm. This will ensure greater accessibility for citizens that work to attend council meetings, either to make a deputation or observe from the public gallery. The purpose is to ensure increased citizen engagement. (January 12, 2015). Unfortunately, Council voted to return to a 4pm meeting time effective April 11, 2016.
  • Council approved my motion to expand the mandate of the Agricultural Advisory Committee to now include all encompassing Rural Affairs. This is important to ensure the unique issues of agriculture, rural residents and rural business are highlighted and discussed. Recommendations of this advisory committee will be brought forward to City Council. (January 8, 2015)
  • Service delivery expansion – Curb side leaf and yard waste pick-up as well as Christmas Tree pick-up in Thurlow Ward has been implemented as a regular service. This is important considering residents have already been paying for this service in their property taxes for a number of years. This equalizes the service across the entire city.

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Monday November 7, 2016 at 5:30 pm
Build Belleville Office – 116 Pinnacle St
Main Floor Meeting Room
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Monday November 14, 2016 at 4:00 pm
Build Belleville Office – 116 Pinnacle St
Main Floor Meeting Room
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